Absolute Diagnostic

About Us

“ADRC (ABSOLUTE DIAGNOSTIC & RESEARCH CENTRE) brings a whole new level of lab and pathology services to ensure correct, on time dnu stress free diagnosis. ADRC vision is to become a national network of highly automated and sophisticated labs synonymous with cutting-edge technology, quality, reliability and above all stringent ethical practices.”


  • To be a leader in academic pathology and laboratory medicine.
  • We as a pathology laboratory wants to create a cyclone of ethics and great working culture for pathologist, lab technicians and doctors so that we as a lab could provide a healthy lifestyle for our patients and customers.


  • We are committed to serving.
  • PATIENTS Providing excellent, accurate diagnostic services and therapies for optimal patient outcome and health.
  • HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS Providing exemplary educational resources today and anticipating educational need of tomorrow.
  • SOCIETY Actively applying tools of science and pathology in support of public health and ongoing expansion of medical knowledge, by actively applying the science of pathology in educating the community in matters of health and disease.
  • EACH PATHOLOGY STAFF PERSON Continuously enhancing our departmental culture of diversity, respect and professional growth. Our focus will always on to trained our staff on Humanity as well as on technical skills.


  • SERVICE We focus on those we serve. We foster life long learning. We strive for excellence in all that we do.
    •We respect all members of the team.
    We believe in a term-based, problem-identification and problem solving methodology.
    • We believe in interdisciplinary networking.
    • We value engaged and enthusiastic participation.
    • We communicate openly and effectively. We support the leaders who guide our mission.
    • We are dedicated to using our resources in a safe and responsible manner.
    •We earn the respect of our patients and the healthcare community.
    • We continuously seek to improve.
    • We strongly believe in continuous quality improvement to enhance clinical performance outcomes.
    We embrace change.