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Cancer Test

Cancer screening refers to tests that look for signs of cancer before you have any symptoms. Studies show that some screening tests help find cancer at an early stage, when it’s easier to treat and possibly cure. If your healthcare provider recommends you have a screening test, it’s important to remember their recommendation doesn’t mean they think you have cancer. Most people won’t need cancer screening tests until they’re in their 40s. People at risk of cancer may start cancer screening earlier. If you think you’re at risk for cancer, ask a healthcare provider about cancer screening tests.

Advantages and disadvantages of cancer screening tests

  • Cancer screening may find changes in your body that could become cancer.
  • Screening tests find cancer early, before you have symptoms.
  • Screening tests may help find cancer before it can spread.


Cancer screening tests aren’t always accurate. A test result may show you have cancer when you don’t. This is a false-positive result. On the other hand, your test may show that you don’t have cancer when you do. This is a false-negative result.